Terms of Service

Important Legal Agreements website provides unlimted dj songs to visitor worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each visitor and to provide the best services available. All visitor of website are subject to the following terms of service:


Remember that while you are downloading songs on your own, we do not compulsorily download any song. We are not responsible for any malware malicious virus entering.


Before uploading, keep in mind the title of the song, write s good describes, artist name and the quality of the song will be good, with a thumanail must be done and no one can be copied, if your song feels good to our staff, then your song will be apporve otherwise I will declare it canceled.


Remember, if we download or view 1 song, we will give it 1 time, when your uploaded song we accept , we will give you an instant earning. and when you are share your referral link, as long as a visitor is registered with your link, you will get earning.


Before any song or the FLP sale, verify that the files are OK. If you upload any damages, malware, malicious files, we will announce that your account is suspended.


You can download the song within 24 hours of buying a song, otherwise we will not be responsible if the song is removed from the site. If you buy a song, then we do not have any money for that song for the second time.


Remember, when you are paying, you'll see if everything is correct. If you give wrong information, then your payout will be canceled. We make payments within 24 hours of your payout.


Though if you have any query can contact us any time via Email, WhatsApp and contact form Click Here

WhatsApp: +9793094185

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